User Interface Solutions

WESCO Sales Group has partnered with leading global companies whose focus on the user interface experience is second to none.

If your product development requires UX/UI - we represent the companies that can provide the engineered competence to get you designed and into production. Whether its a simple membrane switch/overlay or a complicated solution involving PCAP touch integrated with other electronics - we can streamline the design effort by combining the strengths of our partners and their engineered UI/UX solutions. From napkin sketch to full on design for manufacturability, we program manage your project from design to production, fast and on-time.

Areas of Technical Competence:

  • AR/AF Protective Film

  • Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive

  • Touch Screen with Flex Circuit

  • Die Cut Gaskets

  • Enviromental gaskets

  • Seals an adhesives

  • Die Cast Bevel

  • Injection Molded parts

  • Top Plates

  • Cover glass

  • Overlays

  • LCD panel

  • Front panels

  • Rubber key pads

  • Roller Balls

  • Enclosures

  • Printed Cover Glass

  • Joy Stick / Mouse

  • Printed Circuit Boards

  • Back Plate

  • Thermal Interface Material

  • Membrane switch