RFI/EMI/Signal Integrity

WESCO Sales Group, Inc., covers the Pacific Northwest with a list of world-class technical manufacturers focused on signal integrity, filtering and EMI/RFI solutions.

These solutions focus on problems found at the seam and/or aperture of the enclosure down to the printed circuit board level. If electronic noise, cross talk, attenuation of signals, radiated emissions and susceptibility are some of your concerns, we have the broadest technical product breath in the industry, coupled with a deep, comprehensive engineering skill set to streamline the design, obtain agency compliance and get you to production. If you need EMI/RFI solutions contact Wesco Sales Group today for more information.


Areas of Technical Competence:

  • EM Fan Guard

  • Fan

  • IEC Power Filter

  • Filtered D-Subs

  • Heat Sink

  • RJ 45 Connectors

  • EESeals